Paragon Carbon

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Lightweight Jack of All Trades

The most versatile and lightweight board we've built to date, featuring 100% carbon fiber instead of fiberglass to shave weight while maintaining the durability and ride qualities of its glass counterpart. A mellower core profile reduces weight and increases flex between the feet, delivering a more playful, poppy ride. Ash stringers down the core's center and edges create the optimal tip-to-tail flex and boost durability. A directional shape, offset stance, light taper and Straight-Line Rocker keep the shape-shifting Paragon on edge in firm conditions and afloat in soft snow, too. Weight savings is up to a pound (depending upon size) as compared to the fiberglass version. Also available as a splitboard.

“If you’re an aggressive rider looking for a playful sender that can take you through any type of terrain with a smile, look no farther. It performed in many types of conditions, and I would definitely use this as my main quiver-killer board.” -Backcountry Magazine tester Will Sardinsky

“This board is quick and even and felt super maneuverable. It performed well on anything steep, icy, corny and powy.” -Backcountry Magazine tester John Lauer